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NYPD top cop James O’Neill says officers can wear turbans, beards for religious reasons under new rules

For the first time, cops who want to wear turbans for religious reasons on the job can now do so, as long as they get approval, the city’s top cop said.

The new policy also codifies how long beards can be. Beards can be no longer than a half-inch for religious reasons, and no longer than one millimeter for medical reasons.

The NYPD previously barred beards because they interfere with the seal on gas masks. Officers in elite units that call for the masks, such as anti-terrorism, are still exempt from having beards, a police source said.

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Large Swastikas and 'make America white again' are seen scrawled on sidewalks and college bathrooms in Long Island

  • Racist graffiti has been found in several Long Island towns since December
  • Sidewalks were targeted in  multi-cultural areas
  • More swastikas were found in bathrooms at Nassau Community College
  • Police are investigating and say the graffiti amounts to a hate crime  

By Sarah Dean For Mailonline

Published: 10:04 EST, 19 December 2016 | Updated: 10:25 EST, 19 December 2016

A red swastika and the slogan 'Make America White Again' have been spray painted on sidewalks in Long Island, sparking a police investigation.

Locals have reported seeing the racist graffiti since the beginning of December in several towns, the Nassau County Police Department said.

In Washington Avenue, Mineola, the graffiti was discovered sprawled outside someone's home on November 30.

A red swastika and the racist slogan 'make America white again' have been spray painted on sidewalks in what police say amounts to a hate crime

Nassau County Police Department Lieutenant Richard Lebrun told the Mineloa American that the message was a hate crime.

Police also wrote graffiti with 'other disparaging and derogatory remarks against African Americans and those of Middle Eastern decent,' Lebrun said.

More swastikas have also been found in bathrooms at Nassau Community College.

One student shared a photo of a black swastika with the caption 'NCC BATHROOM. Shame on you'.

The college quickly responded and asked for the location of the graffiti so it could be removed.

One student shared a photo of a black swastika inside a Nassau Community College bathroom with the caption 'Shame on you'

Democratic Congresswoman Kathleen Rice, who grew up on Long Island, said in a statement: 'To the person who spray-painted swastikas and "Make America White Again" on a sidewalk in Mineola: You are not clever, you are not tough.

‘You are a coward. If you have something you want to say, then come forward, turn yourself into the police, and show your family, your friends, and your neighbors who you are.

'I won’t hold my breath waiting for President-Elect Trump to condemn people using his campaign slogan to intimidate people of color.

'It’s up to every one of us to call out this kind of language and behavior wherever we encounter it, and it’s up to every one of us to show that we are grateful to live in such a diverse district, state and country.'

Homeless man throws coffee at Muslim woman, calls her 'terrorist' in Manhattan Dunkin’ Donuts

A rampaging homeless man chucked hot coffee at a Muslim woman, hit her and accused her of being a “terrorist” in a Midtown Dunkin Donuts Sunday, according to police sources and the store’s employees.

Nathan Gray, 34, told the 21-year-old victim he “hated Muslims” and that he was going to kill her, cops said Sunday. He’s been charged with assault as a hate crime, cops said.

Gray walked into the W. 35th. St. shop near Seventh Ave. at about 2:45 p.m. and asked for a cup of coffee, said one employee, who wouldn’t provide her name.

“I gave him coffee and he said something to me about terrorists, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. He walked away from me and sat next to a group of Muslim women,” the store employee said. “He started talking to them and I could hear him saying, 'Terrorists!'”

The women sat and ate, trying to ignore him, but he continued shouting, the employee said.

“One woman called him ‘stupid.’ So he threw his hot coffee in her face,” the employee said. “It was hot, hot coffee. She could have been burned! Then he swung his bag at her and it hit her in the face.”

The woman ran outside, and Gray put her in a headlock, cops said.

A 911 call brought police to the scene, and cops arrested Gray.

The victim refused medical attention, cops said. 

Islamophobic graffiti scrawled in subway station near Kensington

Hate has gone underground.

A vandal scrawled “F--- Allah” on a bench inside the Fort Hamilton Parkway F and G station on the border between Windsor Terrace and Kensington sometime before Monday, shocking local leaders who say it is the first Islamophobic graffiti they’d seen in the area in more than a year and that they blame Donald Trump’s victory for emboldening bigots to once again blight the area with their hate.

“We didn’t have any problems and now with the election a lot of people are taking advantage,” said Mamnunul Haq, a leader in the area’s large Bangladeshi Muslim community and member of Community Board 12. “It was gone for a while, but for this to happen today is really shocking.”

Louts attacked Kensington with both anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic graffiti for several years beginning in 2013, according to Haq — especially along Ocean Parkway, where mailboxes and storefronts could frequently be found debased with swastikas and messages defaming Allah.

But local politicians and officers of the 66th Precinct made a concerted effort to stamp out the rash of racist vandalism, and Haq said he hadn’t heard of any offensive scribbles since 2015 — until Monday.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority was not aware of the vandalism until contacted by the paper, and the agency dispatched a cleanup crew in response, according to an agency spokesman.

Councilman Brad Lander (D–Kensington) says he has contacted police to investigate the subway vandalism and vowed to hold a community gathering to discuss the issue.

It is just the latest in a series of hate-filled outbursts in Brooklyn since the election of Trump — who during his campaign said that he would ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. and make all practitioners of Islam register with a national database — he noted.

“Unfortunat­ely, we’ve seen a welling up of hatred and Islamophobia in the weeks since the Trump election,” he said. “What you have to do is get it very quickly investigated, painted over, and see that the community comes out together against hate in support of our Muslim neighbors.”

Amongst other incidents, someone drew swastikas and “Go Trump!” in a Brooklyn Heights playground, another wrote “Trump!” on the door of the Muslim prayer room at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering Downtown, and a Trump supporter punched a woman in the face after a political argument in a Boerum Hill bistro.

A spokesman at the NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information’s office said it did not have a report on the incident as of Monday afternoon.