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CAIR–NY offers a variety of free workshops on exercising your rights. Schedule a workshop for your community today! We're always happy to adjust our workshops to your community's needs.    

Know Your Rights – National Security and Law Enforcement

What are your rights and duties when contacted by federal and local law enforcement officers? CAIR-NY explains how you can respond to police surveillance, FBI visits, and what to do if you witness or are the target of a crime.  

Know Your Rights Traveling (Muslim Bans)

With new Muslim Bans constantly being signed in, Muslims and immigrants need to be aware of their rights more than ever before. This workshop teaches you about your rights at the border, the permittable scope of TSA or ICE agent questioning/search, and what legal resources are available.

Hate Crimes

With the alarming rise of hate crimes in the U.S and in the state of New York, this workshop was especially designed to inform and guide you through the process of reporting a hate crime, and connect you to critical resources available to hate crime victims. 

Employment Discrimination

Did you know that 26% of all lawsuits filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission were filed on behalf of Muslims? In this workshop, you will learn about the scope of anti-Muslim discrimination in the workplace involving hijabs, prayer times, dietary habits, and more. Learn about the laws that protect you against workplace discrimination and the legal resources available.

Challenging Islamophobia Information Session

Learn to clearly define the term ‘Islamophobia,’ and employ strategies to counter the rising wave of Islamophobia in America. In this session, CAIR-NY will discuss common misconceptions about Islam and resources available to tackle them.

Anti-Bullying and Freedom to Worship in School

With the rise of reports of bullying against Muslim students in schools, CAIR-NY has designed this workshop to help students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff address bullying, encourage the provision of adequate accommodations to Muslims in school, and provide information about the legal resources available.

Masjid Construction Opposition

This workshop addresses the rise in masjid construction opposition which prevents many Muslims from being able to practice their faith. It covers the scope of the problem in New York, the basics of religious land use laws, and the available legal resources in these cases.   


Events with Cair-NY

CAIR-NY participates in a variety of events with partners throughout New York State. We've held trainings, conferences, rallies, panel discussions, and more with our partners! We're always looking for projects to collaborate on! If you're interested in:

If you believe that you've been a victim of bias or discrimination in NYC, take the CCHR's survey!

If you believe that you've been a victim of bias or discrimination in NYC, take the CCHR's survey!