We're Still Here

The inauguration we’ve all been dreading is over and guess what?  We’re still here.  We know you’re afraid, we know the unbearable uncertainty you feel, but in the face of fear, we’re seeing a community united by courage.  Across this state, New Yorkers of every color, faith, gender, age, and ethnicity are reminding ourselves of our own power.  Time and again, the American people have channeled our outrage into the enduring work of making a better, freer, and fairer nation.

We at CAIR-NY stand ready to carry on this proud tradition, working to secure a society that protects the rights of all people. Today, President Trump took an oath to protect and defend the constitution.  He assumed responsibility to safeguard religious freedom, freedom of press, and the rights of all Americans.  Today, we take our own keep him to that promise.

We’re ready to take on this fight, but we can’t stand alone.  Although we’re proud to be part of the nationwide CAIR network, each chapter is responsible for raising its own funds, and we rely on your contributions for our continued commitment to civil rights. Our voice is louder when the community supports our work, so please consider making a secure donation in President Trump's honor today.