The U.S. Supreme Court upholds Trump's Muslim Ban

As with previous wrongly decided Supreme Court decisions, 

it is up to the people of this country to determine our nation's future. 

trump muslim ban breaking.jpg

History has shown that progress and change come from the unwavering demand of the people. Social justice campaigns do not stop when our path to justice is partially obstructed. Instead, we work together to overcome the obstruction and march determinedly forward.

Today’s decision in Trump v. Hawaii upholding the President’s Muslim Ban adds a shameful chapter to our history. Make no mistake: the president’s executive order is a Muslim Ban. But this decision will not stop us from fighting for justice. 

Our predecessors refused to stop working against the 1857 Supreme Court ruling in Dred Scott that asserted no people of African descent could be considered citizens of the United States. Our predecessors refused the injustice of the 1944 Korematsu decision that validated the removal and internment of over 100,000 people of Japanese descent. We too will refuse the injustice. We too will keep going. 

We have the power to demand change. Politicians --- our public servants --- can be made to fight back with statutory solutions. New litigation will emerge, further demonstrating what we already know: the Muslim Ban has nothing to do with national security and everything to do with hatred of Muslims

Your help and support is needed now more than ever. From pushing through the injustice of this Muslim Ban ruling, to combating emboldened xenophobes who use the president's rhetoric and policies as a green light to perpetrate hate crimes and harassment of Muslims, there is so much work to be done.  

And you can make it happen.

CAIR-NY is on the front lines of the fight for Muslim New Yorkers’ civil rights. We are the only ones on the ground, every single day, fighting with you. We will never give up, but our work is far from over.  

In solidarity,

Afaf Nasher, Esq.