CAIR-NY continues to keep your phone safe at the border.

Today, CAIR-NY joined CAIR chapters from California, Florida, and Ohio along with Asian Americans Advancing Justice and several other leading civil rights organizations, to file a brief in federal court asserting that the search of cell phones and other electronic devices at the border is unlawful.

CAIR-NY submitted its brief in U.S. v. Molina-Isidoro, a case currently on appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The brief contends that any search of cell phones and digital devices are “non-routine” and fall outside the border control exception to the 4th Amendment; therefore, all searches of such devices must require a warrant. CAIR-NY believes that electronic devices hold sensitive and extensive information and unwarranted searches are a gross violation of privacy and individual rights.

Read the brief here