NYPD Notes a 100 Percent Increase in Hate Crimes

In a recent press conference, mayor Bill De Blasio and Police Commissioner James O’Neil relayed statistics on crime relative to last year. While general crime has seen an overall decrease, the uptick in hate crimes has been dramatic. In just a three-month period, the city has already seen 144 incidents, up from 72 at this point last year- a 100% increase.

Jewish and African-Americans have been the primary targets of these incidents, many of which are non-violent such as pro-Nazi graffitiing across the five boroughs.

While CAIR-NY is appalled by this revelation, we remain mindful of the fact that underreporting is a serious problem in various ethnic and religious communities. We urge all victims of hate crimes to immediate alert law enforcement so that they can swiftly find perpetrators and gather more accurate data.

CAIR-NY also supports additional funding for enhanced detection of and investigation into alleged hate crimes given the growing number of hate crimes in New York.