Senate Candidate Accused of ‘Anti-Muslim Bigotry’ Says ‘Political Correctness Is Killing’ US

A New York candidate for U.S. Senate who was asked to apologize for a series of tweets that some say were biased against Muslims told NBC News Wednesday she "made no 'anti-Muslim' comments" and said "political correctness is killing our country."

The tweets came on Aug. 11 from the account of Republican nominee Wendy Long, a New York City lawyer running against Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Long was visiting the North Side neighborhood of Syracuse, New York, which has seen an influx of international refugees, according to news website

One tweet from Long's account shows a photo of what appears to be two Muslim women in traditional head coverings walking on a sidewalk. The caption reads, "Catholic Charities takes federal tax dollars to resettle the refugees we can't screen. Leaves the Catholics to ISIS."