Muslim Woman who was Victim of Hate Crime in Brooklyn Speaks Out

ATH BEACH, Brooklyn -- A Muslim woman who was the victim of a hate crime last month in Brooklyn is speaking out about the vicious attack.The woman spoke exclusively with PIX11 News about how she and her 15-month-old child were the victims of a hate crime on September 8. Out of fear of retaliation, the woman and her husband spoke through a Russian translator and asked PIX11 not to use their names or show their faces.

As she and another Muslim woman walked in Bath Beach, Brooklyn in the area of 20th Avenue and Cropsey Avenue, 32-year-old Emirjeta Xhelili allegedly launched into a vicious attack.

According to a criminal complaint, Xhelili hit the victims with her fists multiple times, then "pushed the (victim’s) stroller toward the ground" and "tried to pull the (victim’s) hijab off (her) head."