An Urgency To Act: Muslims And South Asians Talk The Future Under A Trump Presidency

New York City has always been a melting pot of cultures, religions, race and ethnicities. From neighborhoods like Jackson Heights, which proudly touts its diversity to the rest of the world, to the city’s leaders which have long been advocates for the equal rights of minorities of all genders and backgrounds.

As the most recent election cycle has proven, not every corner of the country has the same luxury of diversity and understanding as seen here in New York. With the ascension of former presidential candidate Donald Trump culminating in his victory over Hillary Clinton last Wednesday morning, many feel that the basic principles of cultural integration and cooperation are under fire. Trump, who infamously made campaign promises to deport 11 million immigrants no matter the cost, as well as registering and monitoring all Muslims in the country, has instilled a very real sense of fear in many Americans across the country.