Letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio

November 18, 2015

Honorable Bill de Blasio
Mayor, City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Dear Mayor Bill de Blasio,

True leadership is defined by an ability to stand firmly on principles of justice and truth, even if that stance is not seemingly popular at that moment. Yesterday, you not only made statements welcoming Syrian refugees into our beautiful City, but you also very firmly stood against religious discrimination and fear mongering. Your words actualized the principles which make our City and our Nation a place of hope and dignified strength. 

Like you, we are proud that New York City is a haven for immigrants fleeing terror and persecution not just because it houses them, but because it boldly defies the corrosive intolerance which serves as the very foundation of hatred. By exhibiting our City's refusal to perpetuate this hate, you also have taken a decisive blow against terrorism in all its forms. 

We support, applaud, and appreciate the leadership you exhibited in your statements, and we look forward to your continued support of the values that make New York City worthy of housing the Statue of Liberty that France gave us over a century ago as a symbol of our commitment to democracy and freedom.

Thank you,

Council on American-Islamic Relations-NY
Desis Rising Up & Moving
Jews Against Islamophobia
Muslim American Society
Women In Islam