Person left threatening note at a Muslim family’s Staten Island home: 'I’m coming for your baby'

By Mary McDonell, For Cops investigate threatening ‘ISIS’ note left at Muslim family’s Staten Island home: 'I’m coming for your baby', On Jul 20th 2016, Read Original


Cops are investigating a possible bias crime against a Staten Island family after a note threatening Muslims was found at their home, officials said Tuesday.

A husband and father returned to his St. George home Monday to learn that a threatening note had been scribbled on notebook paper.

“I’m going to kill you Muslim bitches,” the crude note said. “You’re ISIS. I’m coming for your baby.”

Cops said the family has lived in their home for three years, and that they had no issues with their neighbors or co-workers.

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“It’s so scary, I didn’t even bring my baby home today,” the wife said outside their home on Tuesday.

“I left her with a friend.”

The woman said their landlord discovered the letter.