Trump May Have Won the Night, but the Fight for Civil Rights Isn't Over

Last night Donald Trump won the American Presidency by openly advocating discriminatory policies that target Muslims and communities of color.  This is a heartbreaking occasion for many, but we at CAIR-NY don't have time to mourn.  We're busy planning how we can protect and defend the civil rights of Muslim New Yorkers during a Trump Administration.

Trump and his allies won the House, the Senate, and the White House, but the courts remain a safeguard for our Constitution.  Our first priority is to make sure that we build our already-growing legal staff.  Since hiring our first full-time attorney earlier this year, CAIR-NY has steadily built capacity to represent the legal interests of Muslim New Yorkers. Recent examples of our commitment to providing legal representation in civil rights matters include:

  1. representing clients during Transportation Security Administration ("TSA") interviews;
  2. representing clients with passport revocation matters before the U.S. State Department;
  3. establishing pro bono relationships with leading law firms to represent victims of employment discrimination;
  4. extensive representation of hate crime victims and relatives; and
  5. representing clients under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations ("FBI").

After President-elect Trump's victory, we expect issues like these to multiply. CAIR-NY always provides our services free of cost, because we know that if the community is silent, we all pay a price. Only your support enables us to defend the Muslim community during the forthcoming trials. Although we are part of a nationwide network, each individual chapter must raise its own funds, and we rely entirely on the public for our financial support.  We can only speak out when the community supports our work, so please consider making a secure online donation now.