#GivingTuesday - Transforming Hate into Hope.

Across the nation CAIR-NY is seeing messages of hate. Assaults, vandalism, and threats sent to individuals, religious institutions, and civic organizations.
Across the nation CAIR-NY is seeing concern. People of many backgrounds are uncertain about what the future holds for themselves, their children, their neighbors, and their country.
Across the nation CAIR-NY is seeing courage. People of every color, faith, gender, age, and ethnicity are standing in solidarity, declaring that they are committed to equality, justice, and humanity.
Across the nation CAIR-NY sees YOU. Poised to help, you are determined to make a difference by supporting our fight and illuminating the arduous path with hope.
Today is Giving Tuesday. What will you give to help fight hate, to alleviate concerns, to show your courage, and to create hope? Every dollar helps build our capacity to end discrimination. Please donate generously today.

Your contributions make it possible to advocate on behalf of the Muslim community during this trying transition.  Although we are part of a nationwide network, each individual chapter must raise its own funds, and we rely entirely on the public for our financial support.  We can only speak out when the community supports our work, so please consider making a secure online donation now.