Dear Dr. Ben Carson

Dear Dr. Ben Carson,

I am sorry you think that none of my Muslim children, all born and raised in the US, are qualified to be President of the US. 

Hmmmm, as I single mom in Los Angeles, I struggled to put them through private schools and college, including getting my daughter through UC Berkeley...One majored in human rights, and another in social justice, and they have been youth leaders for most of their young adult life. Alhumd'illah.
(Yep...but according to you, Dr, Carson, they are not qualified to be President.)

This could not have happened without the help of God, the Almighty, and the diverse tapestry of the American society, including the American-Muslim community. This included Islamic schools, mosques, cultural centers, summer camps, and Arab and other ethnic neighborhoods, and interfaith engagements.

Above all, this consisted of the Islamic social advocacy organizations and youth programs that taught them the Islamic principles of leadership, compassion, community service, advocacy, tenacity, mercy, the thirst for knowledge, the etiquette, art and eloquence of thoughtful public speaking, dialogue and debate, the edicts of peace making, the mandate of the constant pursuit for justice, and the importance of working respectfully with and in cooperation with our interfaith partners in a pluralistic American democracy. 

This is how my faith tradition has groomed them for their role as future servant leaders in this county, Dr. Carson, while I do commend you for your success in education and the field of medicine, I do so wish you would return to the beautiful roots of your own religious tradition, and search for, draw upon, and bear witness to, the obviously lost, beloved tenets of your faith that would allow you to be worthy enough to lead the youth of this country, including those whom you deem unfit to lead you.

May God bless, enlighten and guide,everyone, especially you, Dr. Carson, insha'allah.


Sahar Alsahlani

CAIR-NY Board Member

Religions for Peace USA, Board Member