Muslims Discuss Bills With State Representatives

On April 20, 2013 CAIR-NY, joined by the Bangladeshi American Advocacy Group, the Council on Immigrant Rights, and the Muslim Consultative Network, brought together Muslims from across New York to meet directly with their representatives and discuss the issues affecting New York’s Muslim Community. We traveled to Albany to urge lawmakers to support legislation that will have a positive impact on our local communities. Such as, recognizing Muslim holidays in public schools, establishing an independent Inspector General of the NYPD to prevent the mass surveillance of Muslim communities, and creating a Muslim Advisory Council that would represent the interests of our community in the state capitol. 

We visited over 65 offices including Democratic, Independent, and Republican members of the Assembly and Senate.  Our group was also honored to witness the office of State Senator Kevin Parker welcome Imam Muhammad Asil Khan of the Mid-Hudson Islamic Association to give the opening invocation in the Senate chambers to begin the legislative session. 


A unique opportunity such as this allowed community members to amplify the American Muslim voice in government, and to advocate on behalf of the Muslim students and teachers in the New York public school system. Muslim Day at the Capitol empowered participants with the tools needed to engage in state and local government, and develop the skills to be an effective advocate for our community; and it doesn't just end here.

It is crucial for American Muslims to fulfill our civic responsibility by participating in the political process, engaging our lawmakers, and playing a key role in setting the course for a stronger New York. With this in mind, CAIR-NY will continue to monitor the progress of the bills we advocated for at Muslim Day at the Capitol, we will continue to urge community members to reach out to their elected officials with the guidance of our legislative advocacy toolkit, and we will introduce more programming to promote civic engagement including a Muslim Day at City Hall. To stay up to date with our upcoming programs and events visit our website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign-up for our weekly e-newsletter