Why You Should Vote

It is essential that American Muslims participate in our nation’s democratic process. There are many ways to do this; one of the simplest and most critical is voting in national and local elections.

Civic participation, especially voting, is a citizenship right.

It is our duty to give our leaders sincere advice. We should support public officials who prove themselves trustworthy and a benefit to the nation. We should vote to remove them from public office when they do not.

Islam’s message is comprehensive, encompassing all aspects of life. Inaction, or worse cynicism, denies this. If you are not present to give your opinions others will do so for you.

Your participation in public affairs protects Muslims and promotes good in society—reducing poverty, making quality medical care easily accessible, and ensuring everyone’s civil liberties.

Bringing your Islamic character to political life supports such universal ideals as strong families, protection of the weak, and justice. Empowering these ideals ensures that our nation projects to the world the best of its values not the worst of its fears.

Muslims should not limit their desire to promote good to any exclusive group. Muslims have strong values and family ethics to contribute to American culture. Good Islamic character compels us to care for others and show concern for their problems. Faith should compel us to act in ways that benefit all people.

If you’re not already registered, please register to vote!