10-Year Vet Says FBI Harassing His Family

News Channel 4, KFOR-TV|  December 13, 2012
By La'Tasha Givens
Original Story Found Here: http://kfor.com/2012/12/13/air-force-vet-says-fbi-harasing-his-family/

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is demanding answers from the Justice Department in a case involving a Oklahoma veteran.

Saadiq Long said he’s been on the FBI’s radar since last year.

He wasn’t allowed to board his flight back to Oklahoma after working in Qatar.

He was told he’d been placed on the “no fly list.”

The 10-year veteran said had no idea why and was recently removed from the list and allowed to return to Oklahoma last month.

But ever since, Long and his sister Ava Anderson said federal agents follow them wherever they go.

At Thursday’s press conference, CAIR director Adam Soltani said, “There has been unlawful and harassment actions orchestrated by FBI and local law enforcement officials.”

“The FBI, in three different cars followed me, my mom and my dad everywhere from McAlester to Oklahoma City,” Long said. “It’s so bad that my nephew can point out the unmarked cars.”

Anderson said last week two cars where following them on the freeway with bright lights, the drivers weren’t in police cars.

In fear for her safety, she drove to the McAlester police department.

Anderson said the lawmen were rough on her.

“One of the agents told the officer who handcuffed me to ‘throw her a** to the ground’ and so he forcefully, while I’m in handcuffs, threw me to the ground,” she said. “An FBI agent walks up to me and says, ‘I was just trying to get you to stop so that I could apologize to you and your family for the inconvenience,’ (in reference to the non-fly situation). Now mind you, there are eight to 15 guns pointed at me. Am I supposed to believe they stopped me to apologize?”

“The FBI doesn’t confirm or deny ongoing investigations,” FBI Special Agent Rick Rains told us. “The FBI has responsibility to protect American citizens. In carrying out those responsibilities, the FBI does not violate the civil rights of citizens or in any way harass or intimidate US citizens or other individuals.”

The family said they will consider legal action if they don’t get answers soon.


Original Story Found Here: http://kfor.com/2012/12/13/air-force-vet-says-fbi-harasing-his-family/