Travel Advice: Knowing your rights before travelling or if detained abroad

A businessman returning from Hajj, and a prolonged vacation in 2010, had his laptop and cellphone temporarily confiscated by Customs agents at a US airport; since then, he has been routinely stopped for hours every time he attempts to travel overseas.

A student was detained for six hours and placed in handcuffs after officials mistook the student's identity for someone on a watch list. The student had a common Muslim name.

While traveling to a Muslim country, an American man’s name was placed on a “No-Fly List.” He was offered no recourse, or details for removing his name and was held indefinitely in the foreign country.

Given the increase in the number of complaints to CAIR alleging airport profiling of American Muslims, it is important that all those who travel to be aware of their legal rights and responsibilities. To help you better understand those rights, CAIR-NY is providing two new resources on our website for community members.

- "Know your rights when travelling"

This single-page guide informs you of the rights you have at the borders and what you can do if you are subject to inappropriate questioning by the CBP or TSA.

- "Know your rights if detained abroad"

After a number of complains received by CAIR from Muslims who were denied the right to come back home, CAIR has designed a travel advisory for American Muslim travelers facing "forced exile" or the denial of due process rights.