October 22nd Coalition Against Police Brutality Rallies in Union Square

CAIR for NY Blog
By Morgan Fletcher | November 13, 2012

October 22, 2012 marked the 17th National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality. This year the protest took place in the crowded Union Square, and CAIR-NY was there to join our partners in supporting this cause.
  Cyrus McGoldrick spoke to remind all attendees of our unified goals against the abuse of police power.

The event included three major sections: a teach-in, a rally, and a march. 

The teach-in focused on educating attendees about the Oct. 22nd Coalition, its goals, and an individual's rights when dealing with violent law enforcement. The teach-in emphasized the importance of knowing your rights and how to communicate and organize with your community to combat police violence.

Photo by C.S. Muncy

The book and ongoing project, Stolen Lives, was also presented at the protest.  Stolen Lives is a compilation of the stories of the individuals across America whose lives were taken by police brutality. The work was presented by a New York City resident and mother, who had lost her own son to NYPD violence. 

The coalition then marched across Manhattan to show its unified energy in protest of police brutality against those the police is hired to protect and serve. 

The issue of police brutality is unresolved across the country, but has also been uncontested by those who have not been directly affected. Organizations that band together for peaceful and impactful events like the National Day of Protest are necessary for changing the status quo. They are necessary to ensure that our police protect our people. And they are necessary to ensure that our people are protected from the police.

- Morgan Fletcher is a graduate of Columbia University's Columbia College. She is currently an advocacy intern and blogger at CAIR-NY.