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We Will Not Be Banned The broken promise of equal justice

On July 4th, join CAIR-NY for a Muslim-led rally and teach-in in the heart of Trump Tower, highlighting how the United States has repeatedly broken our founding promises and targeted groups on the basis of race, religion, or ideology. Speakers from a diverse array of organizations will discuss how their communities have historically been targeted - from the U.S.’s internment of Americans of Japanese descent, to U.S.’s treatment of Puerto Rico, to President Trump’s Muslim Ban. Trump Tower remains a public space, free and open to all, and we will use that freedom to send a message to the President and the world.

July 4th will be a potent reminder that President Trump stands in a long line of American leaders who sought political power by marginalizing and demonizing minority groups. On this Independence Day, we will reaffirm our commitment to that most basic American tenet: all are created equal.

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