Combating Bullying


CAIR–NY has received a surge in reports of Muslim students being violently bullied in schools.  Our sister chapter found that 55% of Muslim children were bullied on the basis of their religion, and experience tells us that there are countless more who are bullied for reasons unrelated to their faith.  Additionally, Muslim victims of bullying often face unique legal and personal safety threats that go beyond those faced by their peers.

We may never know the full extent of this problem, because children often remain silent about bullying.  Sometimes children don't speak out because they feel ashamed, sometimes they want to avoid worrying their parents, and other children may think that the situation is hopeless.  Most alarming, some children have a credible fear that reporting bullying might bring increased harassment and retaliation.

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What we Know:

▸ 80% of all high school students have encountered cyber-bullying.
▸ 77% of children report being bullied in school or online.
▸ 29% of hijab-wearing students report having their hijab pulled off or other offensive touching.
▸ 20% of Muslim students reported discrimination by a school staff member.
▸ 14% have a severe reaction: poor self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.
▸ Half of students fear harassment or bullying in the bathroom at school.

Our Goal

CAIR–NY's anti-bullying campaign hopes to raise awareness about bullying and cyber-bullying .  We want parents, educators, and other community members to understand that is an issue that affects Muslim youth of all ages.

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