Summer is almost here, the semester is almost over, and in just a few days you’ll lose a unique chance to support CAIR-NY in the fight for Muslim civil rights.  All across New York, college and graduate students have millions unused pages in printing credits.  This semester, don’t let your credits go to waste, print to resist! CAIR-NY is constantly trying to distribute know your rights materials and other documents to the community, and printing is a real cost.  By printing to resist, you can make sure that we get information to those most in need. 

How do I help?

On this page you will find a variety of documents CAIR-NY needs printed. Simply:

  1. Download the file you wish to print
  2. Print as many as you can with your credit
  3. Mail in or drop off everything you’ve printed to
    46-01 20th Ave,
    Queens, NY 11105
  4. Receive profuse thanks from CAIR-NY’s staff


If you have any questions or comments, please email us at 

Disclaimer: only use your printing credits in a manner consistent with your school’s policies.

CAIR brochure         English     Spanish

#RegisterMeFirst       Two per page     Full page

Know Your Rights:    English       Spanish        Arabic