Muslim Polling Place Initiative



Poll Site Requirements

  1. Potential poll sites space measurements must be at least 800 sq. ft. and should allow for elections to be conducted uninterrupted on each Election Day.
  2. Adequate heat, cool ventilation. light, and access to one or more electrical outlets.
  3. A building entrance that meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, i.e., 32” wide and level, or can be made temporarily ADA-compliant, such as with a ramp or other ADA equipment.
  4. If the poll room is not on street level, there needs to be an elevator or wheelchair lift for disabled voters to get to the poll room.
  5. Any pathway, leading to the accessible entrance and from the accessible entrance to the poll room must be 36” wide.
  6. The poll site must be open on each Election Day from 5 a.m. until after 9 p.m. to allow poll workers to complete the required process and close the polls.
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