Tweet-a-thon supporting The Council on American-Islamic Relations CAIR-NY

Pledge an amount you will give to CAIR-NY each time @RealDonaldTrump tweets between 2/11/17 and 3/15/17

The President of the United States is determined to continue tweeting unprofessional and embarrassing statements through Twitter.  No one has been able to convince him that this is beneath the dignity of the office nor has the administration admitted the problems associated with his continued use of a private account for presidential communications.  Let's make sure some good comes out of this childish behavior.  Pledge an amount you will give to the Council on American-Islamic Relations NY (CAIR-NY) for each tweet posted by the @realdonaldtrump Twitter account between 2/11/17 and 3/15/17.

When Trump tweets, CAIR wins.

(Note: If Trump continues to tweet beyond 3/15/17 we will sponsor another non-profit next month and you will be invited to pledge again if you are interested.)